Monday, July 6, 2009

Peterborough, England

I've settled into the Bull Hotel in Peterborough. I arrived about 5 pm and after getting into my room I discovered that Evensong at the cathedral here was at 5:30. I heard the bells go off so I dashed off and got there just as the choir and clergy were processing, so I couldn't sit in the choir stalls, but enjoyed it none the less sitting by myself in the nave. The only thing I found odd was that in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer the Diocese for today was Pittsburgh and they prayed for its bishop "Robert Duncan" whereas the official ACP says The Rt. Revd Robert Hodges Johnson. What does that mean?? What side is Peterborough on?

Earlier this year we prayed for the Diocese of Maine, and +Chilton was still listed even though she retired in October. +Steve was listed as the Suffragen and he's now the Diocesan, but Pittsburgh is a different matter— Robert Duncan is NOT a bishop of the ECUSA.

I found this bit of history interesting. More information may be found on sacred destinations web site.
The current Anglican cathedral stands on the site of a monastic church founded by King Peada of Mercia in 655.

The monastic settlement was destroyed by Vikings in 870, but was revived in 972 by Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. The town surrounding the abbey was eventually named Peterburgh after the saint to whom the abbey was dedicated.

Although damaged during the struggle between the Norman invaders and local folk-hero, Hereward the Wake, the church was repaired, and continued to thrive until destroyed by fire in 1116.

This event necessitated the building of a new church, which took a total of 120 years to complete, and was consecrated in 1238.
For the last hour they've been doing change ringing at the cathedral and I can hear it very clearly from my room with the window open. That is so great. I love bells. It's much too warm to shut the window, so it will be open all night, rain or no rain.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Launde Abbey near Oakham for my retreat with the Society of Ordained Scientists.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Amelia, it sounds lovely. I adore change ringing. Lovely, except for the Duncan business.

Have a blessed and holy retreat.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Nice, beautiful, history bursting in our's so, well, familike as you share your vists and outings...agreed, the Duncan "business" is sad...snowjobs don't melt as quickly as they ought.

motheramelia said...

Still shaking my head about Duncan, but it hasn't really spoiled anything. I've got my "cuppa" brewing and after breakfast I'm off to Launde. I'll try to get an hour sight-seeing in before the train leaves.