Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Anglican Church in America—Not TEC

I got miffed enough at the Roman Catholic Bishop of Maine when he spent so much money to support Question 1, but this news item, which was on the morning news (see it on OCICBW), and is in the Bangor Daily News, really annoyed me. I feel as though it's a slap in the face to our wonderful Bishop Steve. The article is titled "Anglicans and Catholics Pray for Unity." Sounds good, right?  Well, the unity is not with Episcopalians but with the Anglican Church in America. The article goes on to say that there are about 300 members of the Anglican Church in America in Maine.

When I did my interim in Millinocket, I learned there was a group of about 10 people who left the Episcopal Church after +Gene was consecrated and formed a mission, but no one seemed to know whether they were still meeting.  One couple, who still did gardening at the Episcopal Church, but wouldn't come to services there, had rejoined the Roman Catholic Church.  I wonder if some of those who left to form the mission suffered from the terrible blow of the mill closing and left town for other places.  Anyway, when I went to the diocesan web site of the ACA I discovered that Millinocket isn't on the list of "find a parish."  My guess is that 300 members in Maine is an exaggeration.  In addition, I doubt the 7 pm service on a week night is a Eucharist.  I'm sure that would be going much too far for +Malone.  It may be a way that the "Anglicans" are thinking how they can grow however.  Sounds to me like two churches grasping at straws.

I know the Roman Catholic Church in Maine is loosing members and the our Episcopal church has been blessed with some new members, especially some of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who have found a warm welcome in many of our churches.  I know that the Roman Church in Maine (and elsewhere) doesn't have enough priests.  I really wonder if just maybe +Malone is working out of Bennie's playbook: welcome in disaffected Anglicans and then make them toe the line.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Shout Out for St Andrew's

Heidi Shott put this video on Facebook. It's all about Damariscotta and the pictures were taken during the Pumpkin Fest last Fall. Izzie didn't make it, but we might be in the last frames at the pumpkin drop. The camera angle is about where we were standing.

There are lots of good reasons to like this town, but I thought it quite wonderful when I first walked down the street, perfect strangers said hello. Toward the end a boy holds up a sign that says "St. Andrew's" (officially in Newcastle, but without the bridge connecting the two towns it would be impossible to tell where the border was.

Heart and Soul is a planning exercise involving people in the town.