Monday, October 12, 2009

Damariscotta Pumpkinfest

Well, judging by the number of people walking downtown yesterday, Pumpkinfest must have been a success. The pumpkin boats raced and artists carved or painted pumpkins in front of businesses and they were quite imaginative. Izzie was a hit in her outfit. You can tell how thrilled she was to wear it in the picture on the left. She got her picture taken by so many people, she'll be famous around the country (one lady said she was from Colorado) and a man from Texas asked where we bought it so he could get one for his dog for Halloween.
The next photo is my son and grandson and Izzie on the way downtown. We'll take more pictures today.
The pumpkin drop is this morning. I have no idea what that means. It's also the last day that the homemade ice cream place (Round Top Farms) will be open until next summer. I do love their ice cream even though I'm lactose intolerant. They have vanilla lactose free ice cream, but some of the flavors are so tempting that I make sure I have Lactaid with me.


Leonardo Ricardo said...


(I could think about the lucious flavors until next Summer, thanks for creating a new obsession...that´s a good name for a ice cream flavor not a cologne)

motheramelia said...

Come visit next summer and try some. They have some interesting flavors and also have great gelato. Obsession is a great name. I would think it would have to have a dark chocolate base and then have streaks of raspberry running through it and chocolate chunks and maybe pecans and some caramel. Now you've got me going.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, that would be the ¨obesession¨ I had in mind (I also like peppermint chips)

BooCat said...

I've never thought of ice cream being seasonal before. Maybe that is Southern-think. I remember ordering iced tea at Paramus, NJ late one September and being told it was out of season. Rather a shock to someone from the South where it is practically thought of as vin ordinaire.

motheramelia said...

It's a lovely shop, but there's no heating for the winter. Also, the people who own it go south for the winter as do many early retired around here. You can still get iced tea in the restaurants, but I don't see many people ordering it this time of year. Ice cream is also seasonal in Vienna, Austria where I lived for 8 years. You can buy it in the stores, but all the wonderful home-made gelato goes away by mid October along with the Italian tourists who really livened up the place.