Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dividing by God?

The BBC has an on-line article in my favorite field: science and theology.  The title is "What do you get if you divide science by God?" They give responses from scientists who were: an atheist, a sceptic, a platonist, a believer and a pantheist.    The "believer" was my favorite scientist/theologian John Polkinghorne. 
The ordered universe science reveals is only what you'd expect if it was made by an orderly God. However, the two disciplines are different. He [Polkinghorne] calls them "intellectual cousins".
The title, though, is what intrigued me.  None of them seemed to answer the question. Nor did the equation in the picture divide by God-- God seems to be the result. In trying to answer it myself, I posit that if God is infinite then the answer to the question is unknowable. Unless of course, science is a very large number itself, then the answer could be zero.  This whole thing taxes my brain, which today doesn't need taxing.  I'll content myself with believing that God is both unknowable and the source of our searching. 

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