Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm beginning to pack up some of my things.  I would like to be more organized than I am, but every time I know it's getting toward time to make another move, I start well, and it seems as though the last few weeks are still terribly chaotic.  I never have gotten enough things packed early enough to make the last few days less hectic.  I am sure this will be no exception.  No matter how much I try I always accumulate new stuff and although I'm good at clearing things out as well, the new seems to win out.

Here's a psalm from Edward Hays' Psalms for Zero Gravity.  I love it and come back to it often.  It reminds me that my three core values are adventure, wisdom and integrity.   This psalm speaks particularly to my love of adventure which is hopefully grounded in integrity and in seeking the wisdom of Beloved Companion.I once formed a small owl out of clay with wings spread as though it were about to take off and placed it on a rock to symbolize these values. Unfortunately it broke in one of my moves. 

A Pilgrim-Emigrant's Suitcase Psalm
O God of departures, Holy One of the Exodus,
Spirit Guardian of all roads and routes,
I am about to depart on a new adventure in life,
and my bags are packed with both dread and delight.
The old is known, comfortable, safe and secure;
the unknown is threatening and danger-filled.
O God of travelers and holy emigrants, help me:
besides anticipation and appreciation,
what else should I pack?

Comfortable clothes of Change—nothing starched—
yes, I understand, and a change of shoes.
Comfortable hiking shoes for exploring with ease
the strange, unknown, wild lands ahead.
Yes, and also my dancing shoes so that with delight,
I can celebrate the wedding feasts I come upon.
Yes, a sturdy oak staff of love upon which to lean—
the older the oak, the stronger the staff.

One dream-vision as my map, and the compass of prayer
when fog hides the stars or eclipses the sun.
One medicine kit with patience tablets for delays,
dried memories for snacks also on the way
and bandages for a sprained spirit after a fall.

God of departures and homecomings, may I go forth with
the adventure-hungry heart of an explorer,
the faith of one homeward bound to you
and with you, Beloved Companion
as my navigator and my guide.


Brian R said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am planning to move after 28 years and the tidying up and throwing out gets me down especially as the move will be overseas so not much can be taken with me. I will need to come back to this psalm regularly I think.

motheramelia said...

Brian, I wish you well on your move. I just noticed a typo which I corrected. I hope you find the psalm as useful as I have. As I said, I love adventure, but each new one has its anxious moments as well. God bless.

ambersun said...

Wow - what a great psalm.

I will be moving house soon too so it really spoke to me.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for praying for me.

God Bless


motheramelia said...

You're welcome Amber. I hope the psalm helps you as well.