Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glorious Sunday

I wish I could find my camera. I guess it's in a box I haven't unpacked as yet. Today was a glorious day and after church Izzie and I took a drive to see a bit more of the peninsula. We saw New Harbor (there's a great Puffin watch tour that you can take from the harbor, that I will take soon) and the cute village of Round Pound and stopped and bought some corn and raspberries and wild Maine blueberries at a farm stand. They had beautiful produce. The views of the water were quite special which is why I wished I had my camera. That and the fact that I have some pictures from Europe I haven't down loaded yet.

After the drive I had lunch at a local restaurant. One of the specials was lobster salad and crab salad in avocado halves. They were surrounded by the best tasting strawberries I've had in a long while and some watermelon and Granny Smith apples. What a treat! I then went to the local bookstore cafe—had a cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookie then walked home to take a nap.

All in all a glorious Sunday.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

That is a delightfilled day!

Thank you for sharing it (now I´m starving for Lobster Salad...fat chance I´ll find one here in the middle of a indigenous village under a volcano).

I must not be jealous, I´m blessed with vast amounts of fresh fruit and produce all year round.

Happy Everything,
Leonardo Ricardo

Rick+ said...

     We're kindred spirits! That's my kind of a Sunday!

motheramelia said...

Thank you both. Leonardo I envy you all the fruit. We lived in Panama when I was a girl and what I miss the most is all the wonderful tropical fruit. Of course the local supermarket carries some, but it's not the same.

Rick, if every Sunday could be like that I would think the kingdom had arrived.

Grandmère Mimi said...

What a lovely day, Amelia. My mouth was watering when you described your salad and the wonderful fruit.

Brian R said...

An interesting program began on TV in Australia last week. An English person travelling by London cab to every state in the uSA. He began in Maine. The first hour ended in New Jersey so only a snippet in each state. In maine he helped catch and eat lobsters in, I think, Georgetown. The fisherman said they were the hard workers . The Englishman thought he caught the Aussie accent in the pronunciation of 'hard'. I have been to Boston but would love to visit more of New England including Maine.

motheramelia said...

That;s a long day's drive. O couse New Hampshire has only 18 miles of seacoast, so it doesn't take too long to get from Maine to Massachusetts. Yes, lobster fishing is hard (pronounced "hahd", dangerous work. The price of lobster (pronounced "lobstah") has gone down dramatically because of the recession and nasty events are happening on the water. One lobsterman got shot and two boats were deliberately sunk in the past few weeks. For the accent think John F. Kennedy. Georgetown is not too far (fa) from here (he-ah)

Maine is a beautiful state (we have lots of beautiful states) Part of its beauty is the sea coast. For the most part with a rugged rock-bound coast with only pocket beaches. The southern part near York does have beautiful sandy beaches, but the water is cold. Over 80 percent of the land is forested. The Appalachian trail starts at Mt. Katahdin in the middle of the state to wind its way to Georgia. Hikers usually start in Georgia in the spring to make their way to Maine by late summer, early autumn. Both Rangeley where I did my last interim and Millinocket (near Mt Katahdin), where I did the one before are stopping points on the trail, where hikers get mail, take a shower, re-supply or as in Millinocket's case either start or stop their trips. Didn't mean to go on so, but do come visit. There's always room for a guest.

motheramelia said...

Grandmere, I do love lobstah. Got the bug as a kid when every July 4 we went to my aunt and uncle's on the pond and had clam chowder and lobsters.