Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marriage Equality in Maine

It is now September and it's time I start blogging again. The house is nearly straightened out so I have no more excuses.

There have been a lot of good TV spots on marriage equality as a run up to the November referendum here in Maine. This is one of them and my favorite so far.

Our clergy day discussion will be about how to respond pastorally to same sex blessings in our churches.


Brian R said...

Maine sounds a nice place to visit, perhaps Oct 2010.
As you are an expert in straightening out a house it is a pity you are so far away:-)

motheramelia said...

Early October is usually quite beautiful will all the reds and oranges and yellows of the trees. I've become expert at organizing a house because I've moved so often. It is getting harder as time passes.