Friday, November 27, 2009

Cribbage, Pecan Pie and Izzie

Izzie and I drove up to Millinocket, about three and a half hours from here.  We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner with our friend Pat at her son's house.  Pat and I played some Cribbage afterwards and I beat her 2 out of 3 games.  I'm always amazed at how competitive I get when I play games.  It must be a residue from my childhood.  Of course back then we played Hearts after the Thanksgiving dinner, using two decks of cards because there were so many of us.  Canceling out the Queen of Spades so you didn't have to take it was always a time of great hooting and carrying on.  There was also a coffee table cribbage board that always had takers.  Somehow playing cards goes with Thanksgiving.  It's also a signal that a hot turkey sandwich or a second piece of pie will follow.  I had pecan pie.  I think it's my favorite, although I wouldn't turn down pumpkin or apple.

This morning I drove Izzie down to Scarborough for her surgery.  The vet called me later to say she thought Izzie came through it quite well. She also said there was a lot of material that had oozed out of the damaged disc that she had to clean out.  Izzie will be there until Monday.  It takes approximately four week for recovery.  In the mean time she needs to walk on level surfaces (no stairs).  Go outside only on a leash and if she is not supervised, she needs to be confined.

Izzie is a VERY stubborn dog.  She doesn't take to pampering very well (except for food).  This is going to be a tiring time and I do hope it's worth it.  I asked if she would be able to travel after a few weeks and the answer was yes.  So, at least right now, I plan on driving the two of us to California for Christmas.  Of course, the next two weeks will tell.


Brian R said...

So glad it went well with Izzie. Continued prayers for her recovery and your patience with her.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

WONDERFUL NEWS, PECAN PIE REORDERS and IZZIE finished surgery too! Of course Izzie ¨doesn´t take well¨ to being ordered about, but perhaps her medications will mellow her out...even I know when to say ¨uncle¨ or ¨HELP ME GOD!¨

Blessings to all, I hope California is a go (my you´ve move around a lot and seem unchallenged by distance)!

Good for you, we´ll expect in Central America soon!

motheramelia said...

Brian, thanks for the prayers. I'll need them. (Izzie too of course)

Leonardo. I'm going to have lunch at a local restaurant today so I can have pecan pie for desert. Getting fortified to deal with Izzie.

I do get wanderlust. Think it's because I did so much as a little kid (dad in army) and thrived. Central America is top of my wish list of places to visit. I'd love to see Panama with the eyes of an adult (we left in 1951 after 4 years) always wanted to do the Pan-American highway, but I really think that time is past.

Rick+ said...

     Tell Izzy I said she has to mind her mom and get well soon!

motheramelia said...

Rick, telling her and getting her to do it are quite different. Thanks for the wishes.