Monday, February 1, 2010

A Shout Out for St Andrew's

Heidi Shott put this video on Facebook. It's all about Damariscotta and the pictures were taken during the Pumpkin Fest last Fall. Izzie didn't make it, but we might be in the last frames at the pumpkin drop. The camera angle is about where we were standing.

There are lots of good reasons to like this town, but I thought it quite wonderful when I first walked down the street, perfect strangers said hello. Toward the end a boy holds up a sign that says "St. Andrew's" (officially in Newcastle, but without the bridge connecting the two towns it would be impossible to tell where the border was.

Heart and Soul is a planning exercise involving people in the town.


Rick+ said...

     What a wonderful view of a small town in America!

motheramelia said...

It is nice isn't it? The Heart and Soul group worked really hard to find out what the community wanted in the future. This is a great Appreciative Inquiry into what people like best about where they are.

Rick+ said...

     You know, I just thought that this would be a wonderful activity for a congregation as they assess who they are - something, of course, you do as an interim to help a congregation prepare their profile. I would be delighted as a candidate to receive such a video!

motheramelia said...

Rick that's a really good idea.