Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Museums and Food

The Getty on Sunday was wonderful. The weather was perfect:  sunshine and clear skies so we could see out to the Pacific and Catalina and east to the mountains near Palm Springs with snow on their peaks.  We had a lovely brunch before we saw the Rembrandt and his pupils exhibit.  The drawings were fascinating.  Of course each of the artists were studying under Rembrandt at the time the drawings were made, but Rembrandt is obviously the master.  His drawings have such an energy about them that seemed to be missing from those of the students.  What that man could do with a few simple lines and some washes is amazing.  They had magnifying glasses available so you could look at the details.

After we walked through the garden, we saw another exhibit—Irving Penn's photographs called Small Trades.  If you go to the link some of the photographs are on display.  I found them fascinating.
Working in Paris, London, and New York in the early 1950s, photographer Irving Penn (American, 1917–2009) created masterful representations of skilled tradespeople dressed in work clothes and carrying the tools of their occupations. A neutral backdrop and natural light provided the stage on which his subjects could present themselves with dignity and pride. Penn revisited his Small Tradesseries over many decades, producing evermore-exacting prints, including platinum/palladium enlargements. In 2008 the J. Paul Getty Museum acquired the most comprehensive group of these images, carefully selected by the photographer—155 gelatin silver prints and 97 platinum/palladium prints—that are being exhibited in their entirety for the first time.
Then last night we went to Atch-Kotch in Hollywood, our favorite Japanese restaurant.  Yosh and Yuri, as usual served a wonderful meal of small dishes for us to enjoy.  You don't have to order off the menu, they'll just feed you. My daughter is a vegetarian and there was plenty for her to eat as well.  One of my favorites is spicy tuna sashimi.  There was also his tofu triangles, which we can't seem to replicate at home, even though he's given us the recipe.  The problem is that you need a very high heat source and our home stoves just don't do it.  The other tofu dish has scrambled eggs in it.  My daughter takes the left overs home for breakfast the next day. (We know that and wouldn't dare take more than a taste ourselves) For veggies there were separate dishes of eggplant, okra, and mushrooms, each with their own flavors.  The okra was lightly steamed and still a bit crunchy.  i loved it.  I also liked the shrimp and chicken dishes.  We ended the meal by tasting five different sakes.  At least my daughter and I did.  Son-in-law was driving.    A great way to end our trip to LA


Rick+ said...

     Oh, this sounds wonderful! What a great trip!

motheramelia said...

Rick, I had a great day yesterday too. Saw the Salton Sea for the first time. Spent the night in Yuma and will see the Desert Museum and Saguaro cacti today (near Tucson). Hope to be in Thibodaux by Sunday to go to church with our Mimi.

PseudoPiskie said...

The Desert Museum was wonderful when I lived there in the late 50s. I can't begin to imagine how it is now. I loved Tucson and the UofA.

Enjoy your time with Mimi and please give her a hug for me. We met in NY at the first OCICBW gathering. We have a bit of a history. hee.

motheramelia said...

Hum, "a bit of a history", sounds ominous. I'll have to ask about that.