Monday, January 18, 2010

St. Andrew's, Newcastle and Haitian Art

There has been a long-standing relationship between people at St. Andrew's Newcastle (Newcastle is the twin city to Damariscotta and is across the river) and Haiti. One of the ways they raise money for the schools they support is by selling Haitian art. The local NBC station interviewed some of the people involved with Haiti and aired the story last Friday. You can get a glimpse of some of the art in the interview.

As you can well imagine. People here, like they are everywhere are saddened and want to do something. We were encouraged to bring checks made out to Episcopal Relief and Development to put in the collection plate on Sunday so that it would be a community offering.


Wade said...

Some wonderful people at St. Andrews, and doing good works. I've met several and been better for the experience. Brenda is also a wonderful Homilist. A shame I leave for Asia next week or I'd be up for that February supper!

motheramelia said...

Have a good Asia trip. Those people at St. A's involved with mission are really good folk.