Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day.  The Search Committee will meet to discern which of the two final candidates they will recommend the Vestry call to be the new rector.  From the little bits and pieces I've heard, they will not find it easy to pick one candidate over the other.  I'm sure the Holy Spirit will be right in there working with them.  The group has worked well together and have been diligent in every part of their work.  Here in Maine the process has been for the Discernment Committee (aka Search Committee) to recommend one candidate to the Vestry who then says yea or nay, makes the call (after speaking with the Bishop), and negotiates the contract. Of course until the candidate says yes and the contract is agreed to, the whole thing could fall apart.

So, I will assume that all will go well and that my work here is done.  After my three weeks in Europe, I will pack up what I haven't finished packing of my belongings and will have to make decisions of my own.  Option 1: put things in storage and travel about the US with Izzie visiting friends and relatives until an interim comes up.  Option 2:  find an apartment in Portland as a home base and move things there and hang around Portland until an interim comes up.  Option 3: see if I can afford a small place on one of Maine's island and use that as a temporary base (probably means putting most things in storage)  This option is most affordable after September though, so maybe I could combine it with option 1.  Option 4:  really retire and only do supply work and some consulting and pick a place to settle down (just writing that down made me wince-so I guess I'm not quite ready for option 4).  I'm sure I'll think of more options over the next week or so, but they are likely to be variations on the ones I've listed.

Isabelle is doing well on her new meds.  I bought her some steps so she can climb on to the bed instead of jumping.  Teaching her to do that will be interesting.  Unless she's really hurting, she will not let me pick her up and carry her.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers that the path to calling a new rector goes smoothly from here for your parish.

Prayers for you, too, Amelia, to make the right choice amongst your options. The three weeks in Europe sound lovely.

I'm glad to hear about Izzie. Prayers that she continues to improve.

motheramelia said...

Thank you for your prayers. It's going to be a busy time and I do hope Izzie will continue to get better.

Brian R said...

I will pray for you in all these decisions. I find looking back that God always guided me correctly. I just wish I could be let into the roadplan beforehand :-)

motheramelia said...

Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time? I tend to just go with whatever seems right at the moment and then realize it was the right thing after all. God is right there, no matter what I seem to do. It's the waiting for the decision as to who the next priest will be and when do I leave that I find hard. The rest will sort itself out.

Doorman-Priest said...

Option 5) Stay in Europe.

It's nice here.

motheramelia said...

DP, it is very nice in Europe and I still have lots to see. This trip will keep me around Vienna and then a few days to travel in England after three days with the Society of Ordained Scientists. If I would only truly retire I might be able to travel more. Staying really is not an option without an EU passport or a lot of hassle.