Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five Days to Go (And One Month to Go)

I am:
  • trying to close out my work at the parish (last Sunday is July 19).
  • packing my belongings for a move (sometime after the 19th).
  • packing for my vacation (five days hence).
  • feeling overwhelmed (now).
I have:
  • found a place to move to (small town near the coast).
  • decided that playing golf this morning is not on (and it's a sunny day)
  • called our vet about Isabelle's pain meds (don't want her dog sitter to deal with it)
I need to:
  • get packing material (never seem to have enough paper to wrap fragile things).
  • call a moving company or get a U-haul (depends on whether I can find help at the other end).
  • sign the lease for the new place (should be faxed this morning).
  • get some exercise (see golf thing above).
  • start saying good bye to  lots of nice people (and to those who were not so nice).
  • pack, pack, pack
  • get Izzie an appointment with the groomer (she's getting shaggy again)
I will not:
  • be blogging much for the next three weeks (I will take pictures on holiday, but when I'll post them is another story)
  • let the uncertainty about what is next get to me (promises, promises, promises)
This list seems to be much longer on the "I need to" side.  Prayers for calmness, please.


Brian R said...

I am praying

motheramelia said...

Thank you Brian. always get through this, but it is often stressful.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers for you, dear Amelia!

motheramelia said...

I am really getting to like blogging. You are such a great group. Thank you Goran for your prayers.

Doorman-Priest said...

Prayers for you indeed.

Loon Song said...

My prayers are with you.
And I can back that up with a helping hand. I'm here and not doing much on Friday and Saturday. Please call.

And a tremendous thanks for all you have done....esp during the last week or so.


Scooper said...

Ah, so you're in transition, too. Blessings upon you and your travels, and if you wind up on the Left Coast, give a shout.

motheramelia said...

Thank you all. I'm not spending much time on line, but I appreciate the thoughts. And Loon Song, I could use some help Saturday afternoon.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for calmness and peace, Amelia. I envy you, although, in truth, I'm not quite ready for another long plane ride.

motheramelia said...

MImi, that's part I'm not thrilled with either. In the halcyon days of work in science I got to fly business on transcontinental flights, alas, I can't afford to now.