Monday, June 1, 2009

Sayings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers

From Celtic Daily Prayer: from the Northumbrian Community.  The sayings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers are the topic for June. 

June 1 
Abba Poemen said about Abba Pior that every single day he made a fresh beginning.

Abba Joseph asked Abbot Pastor: "Tell me how I can become a monk."  The Elder replied: "If you want to have rest here in this life and also in the next, in every conflict with one another say, 'Who am I?' and judge no one."
Comment:  If more people really knew who they are, they would find it very difficult to judge others.  The problem is that most of us have blind spots and tend to project our faults onto others.  The wonderful thing about living like Abba Pior, which I find extremely difficult, must be the joy and peace of truly living in the moment.  Worrying about what I didn't do yesterday and what I "should" do tomorrow just brings unnecessary anxiety.
photo from Weather Savvy.

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