Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chrism Eucharist

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Today I drive two and half hours to Bangor to renew my ordination vows and have lunch with the bishop and my fellow clergy.  I love the service.  It's so much more intimate here in Maine than in California.  There Grace Cathedral was filled with the hundreds of priests and deacons, retired and active that are in the diocese.  It was grand and awe inspiring, but to tell the truth, I really prefer the smaller setting here.  I couldn't make it last year because of the weather. Easter was so early and, of course, we had snow.  Of course the lazy me would prefer a half-hour drive into San Francisco even if it means spending $10 to park my car.  Probably more now.  As I leave there are flood warnings. Lots of rain yesterday and some of the rivers have ice jams in addition to melted snow and rain.  I think all the roads will be clear, but we'll see.  I'm leaving a bit earlier than I had planned.


Nancy said...

Izzie was quite a hit yesterday! People enjoyed seeing her toddling around the hall at lunch.

motheramelia said...

She really likes to be part of everything. At interim's meetings she lies under the table and snores a lot. She's getting older though. At the moment she's suffering a bit from arthritis and going down stairs is hard. I really enjoyed yesterday in spite of the drive.