Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Friends

I'm going to have a very busy three days and won't be blogging.  First I'm celebrating our usual Eucharist and healing service.  Then after a bit of office work, I drive Izzie an hour to get her hair cut.  That takes about two hours, so I have time to pick up the supplies I need for a retreat I'm facilitating tomorrow and Friday.  Our Committee on Baptismal Ministry wants to rethink its mission and develop some ideas for the future.  After that I drive Izzie to one of her/our best friend's (in Maine) home to spend the next two nights.  She gets royally pampered.  When we get out of the car her tail goes like crazy and she runs up to the front door.  The only one who doesn't like her visits is Oscar, the cat.  They "tolerate" each other.  You see our friend got Oscar after she became friends with Isabelle and they both claim her as their very own special person.

Our friend is developing problems of old age.  Her memory is still ok, but it is failing and now she is developing osteoarthritis.  This lady is so full of fun and good spirits that we all hate to see this happening.  Izzie will be good company for her and I will get to spend one night too. She needs our prayers.

Prayers for our retreat as well.  The weather forecast is for rain today and tomorrow with sunshine on Friday.  This coming weekend is supposed to go up into the 70s and maybe 80s for the first time this year.  YEA.
Enrich, Lord, heart,
hands, mouth in me
with faith, with hope
and charity,
that I may run, rise,
rest in Thee.                George Herbert


Grandmère Mimi said...

Amelia, I have great empathy with your friend, and I shall pray for her.

It's great that you have someone who loves Izzie and whom Issie loves back to take care of her. Our Diana does not like to stay at the vet's any more, and the only place she could go is with my son, who has three Bassets. I don't know how that would work. She's 12 years old and set in her ways.

motheramelia said...

Thank you Mimi. My friend was doing pretty well, but she says she's about to start Aricept (spelling?) She can't do crossword puzzles any more and she used to love to do them. Izzie had a great time. I'm about to post a bit about her stay.

david Gregg said...

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