Thursday, April 30, 2009

Psalm of Shared Pain (for Roseann)

This psalm is from Psalms for Zero Gravity:  Prayers for Life's Emigrants by Edward Hays
In pain shared, my pain is lessened;
this wisdom is hidden in Isaiah's words
when the prophet spoke in a taunting-song
of Babylon's defeated king.
Your Spirit, Loving God, hid in Isaiah's words,
in his coded mystical meanings about suffering:
"You too have become weak like us,
you are the same as we."

These words give me comfort, O God,
for Scripture also says that your son Jesus
was like us in all things but sin,
sharing our weaknesses and sufferings,
even while fully one with you, O God;
so you too share my pain.

I find comfort, then in the cross of Christ,
upon which was hung all of Earth's suffering.
So I believe, All-Compassionate One,
that you completely share my human condition,
my weakness and even this my pain,
thus making you both Almighty and All-Weak.
Comment: Suffering is a hard thing to endure and those who have someone by their side who is compassionate and has the courage to be fully present to that person's pain are fortunate indeed.  So many people do not have that comfort, but for them I pray that may they know that the Christ who suffered and rose from the dead is always present with them and for them.

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