Friday, April 3, 2009


Every other month the transition ministry people get together for a diocesan meeting.  That means the priests serving parishes in transition and the consultants who help the search committees.  Today was our meeting for this bi-monthly period.  It meant four hours of driving for a four-hour meeting, but the good thing is that I got to be with colleagues and talk about things that matter.   The parish I'm serving is in an isolated area and there are practically no colleagues to speak of or to, so these meetings are important to me for many reasons.  I appreciate the good spirit of the people who come to our meetings and the generous information exchange that takes place. 


Grandmère Mimi said...

A Salvation Army band? I love it. I can picture you in your uniform.

Around 5:30 PM, I get sleepy. I'm still operating on English time. At least I'm not waking up at midnight feeling as though it's time to get up.

I loves me Alfred Hitchcock.

motheramelia said...

Mimi, a Salvation Army band would really wake the place up. Re: Hitchcock: last week we saw Topaz, which I'd not seen before. That really brought back memories of cold war times and spies. Lots of fun.