Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wombat Poo Paper

More than 250 people showed up for the funeral. It's a good thing the fire marshal wasn't there, the church holds about 200.  It was not an easy funeral and I needed a laugh after it was over. 

 Wombat Poo Paper did it. Found it at BBC News. I wonder if the good people of northern Maine could take a lesson from the Ausies. I bet Moose Poo Paper would be a tourist hit here. Like the wombat, moose are vegetarians and the area is loaded with paper mills that are shutting down, so Mainers know how to make paper. 
Wombats are herbivores and diets loaded with plant fibre make their faeces ideal for making some of Australia's most unusual paper.
Not only are moose herbivores too, they are huge and their scat should make a far greater quantity that the little wombat. The only problem I can see might be from the Air Quality people: making paper from trees smells bad enough.
Creative Paper manager Darren Simpson says the manufacturing process can be rather unpleasant. "When we are boiling it, it does smell horrific as you can imagine, but once it has been sterilised and rinsed properly there's no scent left to it. If anything it just gives you a nice organic smell," he said. He added that it was the tourists themselves who came up with the wombat idea.
I can just imagine an industry growing up around moose poo. I'm not sure I'd want to be one of the people who collect the scat, but there is a lot of moose watching in the area. People go out at dusk just to see how many they can spot, I wonder if the outings could include scat collection? On the other hand there is a wild animal park that has moose and that is likely to be a lot easier, just like in Australia.

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